Just a Dream

from by Vixy & Tony

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Dancing girls and caribou and men who climb the wall
You never know whose dreams are yours, you wake among them all
Shadows, colors, crawling, flying, follow where you go
You'll never be alone again, not since New Mexico

The dreams of men came out to play for all the world to see
But the accident that brought them out left just a few like me
We few who when we dream a flame, the fire really burns
We fewer still keep dreams inside so no one ever learns

Dreams can't hurt you, that's what parents used to say
But they changed the world forever in New Mexico that day
No one lived to tell the story of the vanished research team
All that's left to tell the tale is just a dream, just a dream
All that's left of them is just a dream

The bats are mine, the faces too, I know which come from me
I look for all the artifacts that no one else can see
When you can dream a meal, a woman, real without a doubt
You hold your dreams and hold your breath and hope they don't find out

The paper headlines rise to claim the dead & nightmare-scarred
Sometimes someone dreams too real, or someone dreams too hard
When hands can bleed and houses burn, when dreaming goes astray
They come for you, they send you North, for safety so they say

Dreams can't hurt you, that's what parents used to say
But they changed the world forever in New Mexico that day
No one sleeps and no one wakens, no one's ever what they seem
And the one you thought you knew was just a dream, just a dream
Yes the one you knew was just a dream

The television static shadows horns behind its glare
The magnets on the fridge have changed and all spell out "beware"
Some days you can't escape your dreams, some days you can't quite wake
Though the ringing is insistent, and the anger’s growing louder
I am sure the voice is only in my mind

The rain is falling inside and the carpet's getting wet
But I'm sure I'm only tired and control's not failed me yet
I wake from dreams of monsters caged and raging horn and claw
To the grim, official knocking of the agents of the law

They ask if I know anyone with hyperlucid dreams
They ask if I've been home alone, and did I hear the screams?
They say that I'm the only one alive in building three
They say they've got the dream contained and now they've come for me

Dreams can't hurt you, that's what parents used to say
But they changed the world forever in New Mexico that day
Someone else's dream can bite you, you imagine that you scream
But the pain you feel is still just a dream, just a dream
Yes the pain you feel is just a dream


from We Are Who We Are, released November 4, 2016
by Michelle Dockrey

Based on the story “The Minotaur” by Bill Kte’pi

Vocals: Michelle Dockrey
Backing vocals: Molly Lewis
Guitar, Bass: Tony Fabris
Cellos: Betsy Tinney
Violas: Sunnie Larsen
Drums: Brian Richardson
Minotaur: Sunnie’s Viola


all rights reserved



Vixy & Tony Seattle, Washington

Vixy & Tony's lighthearted folk/rock musical style combines with science fiction and fantasy lyrics to tell engaging and beautiful stories. Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey and Tony Fabris have recently joined forces with cellist Betsy Tinney and violinist Sunnie Larsen to form a "four-person duo" with a lush, amazing sound. ... more

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